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Hi! I am


* a.k.a. naishé


an entrepreneur ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

a freelance software developer |||||

I happen to be the author of

Mastering Apache Cassandra

A DevOps, start-up friendly guy.
I work in multiple Dimensions:

Java, JS, nodeJS, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, AWS, Storm, Web UX

Anarchist engineer, turning into a data scientist. I am familiar with:

Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Octave, Python, Shell, R, Scala

Buried somewhere deep down in his mind, lives a creative animal.

He build stuff, hack electroncs, learn new technologies and is generally interested in drawing, music and science .

—His Alter Ego

I'm working onbig data stuff

You'd probably want to contact me. Find me on:

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